YCA honors finance minister by honor shield         WCO congratulates Abdul Hakim Al-Qubati on his appointment as YCA Chairman         YCA chairman participates in 54 WCO MENA session and the openining of 138 council session         Our country participates in WCO 138 counsil session         Yemen Customs Authority (YCA) and  Land Transport Affair  Authority (LTAA) agree to develop joint cooperation between them.         YCA participating in 12th meeting of the modified agreement on exchanging exemption from taxes and customs duties         YCA Chairman confirms that customs revenues has exceeded 500 billion YR         Free Zone customs officials seized important military tools         Yemen Customs Authority (YCA) participates in 55 MENA meeting,,,,         His Excellency the Minister of Finance inaugurates the Customs Training Center         Shahen Customs Port siezed 52 Kornet Missilles          YCA and UNODC hold joint coordination meeting         The conclusion of the training course for middle leaders at Customs Training Center (CTC).         Yemen Chairs The 42th Meeting of Directors General of Arab Customs   

Yemen Customs Authority (YCA) participates in 55 MENA meeting,,,,

Yemen Customs Authority (YCA) participates in MENA meeting,,,,

YCA delegation, headed by YCA Chairman, Mr. Abdul Hakim Al-Qubati, participated in the 55th MENA meeting of the directors general of MENA customs ( the North African region and the Near and Middle East region), which was held online and through Zoom platform, RILO and Capacity building Regional office presented their annual reports,  YCA delegation indicated That Yemen Customs fulfilled all its technical and financial obligations towards the World Customs Organization, calling on the organization to fulfill its commitments concerning customs training and qualification that it undertook.

YCA is an active and effective WCO member.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Fadel AlBan, general manager of public Relations and international Cooperation, and Abobakr Al-Sharhi, manager of International Relations at the YCA headquarter.

Date: الاربعاء    2022-02-02